Monthly Archives: February 2017

Getting the Right Apartment for Us

I had a decision to make, and it was not one that I took lightly at all. After all, the choice that I would make impacted not only my life but my seven year old daughter’s life as well. She is young and resilient, and she is always ready for an adventure, so I was not worried about the short term implications. It was the long term ones that had me concerned when I started looking at Florissant apartments. I knew that we had to move so I could get a better job, and I had three offers in this area.

I had to make sure that we had a nice place to live first though, and that would determine which of the jobs that I would take. Continue reading

Just Got a Job at TCU

I have just now started my new job, working for the athletic department at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. I had to move on the fly, of course I had been working in Arkansas, but there was a change in regime there and the job went away. I think that some person’s son ended up with my job instead of me, but there is not too much to do about that. Today I have been looking at some far North Fort Worth apartments and hoping that it is not going to be too difficult to get there from the campus. I was too late to find stuff that is really close to the campus, but it is not going to be too bad from what I can tell right now. I would love it if I could figure out how it can be shortened, but the big problem is really finding a place to park when I get to the campus. The first day that I got there it took me about fifteen minutes. Continue reading

Children Friendly Apartments in St Petersburg

I am ready to make a move out of my parents home. It took some time, but I have saved up enough money to start looking at apartments in St Petersburg. My son and I have been living with my parents for the last two years while I got back on my feet financially. I need my own space and more alone time with my son. I’ve already done a lot of research for kid friendly apartments in safe neighborhoods that are close to the elementary school my son attends. You would not believe how many are out there to choose from.

My son has composed a list of things that he would like our new apartment to have. Number one on his list is a swimming pool. This child loves to swim at all hours of the day. I call him my little fish. The second thing on his list is a playground. It seems when he is not swimming he is either swinging on monkey bars or seeing how far he can run up the sliding board. Continue reading