A New Apartment is in My Future

I received a notice the other day from my landlord that my rent is going up again at the beginning of the year. I could understand this if something was being done to make living here even better, but that was not the case the last three times my rent went up. I decided that I could do a lot better for the money that I was going to be charged, so I went online to start looking for a new home. I did a search for apartments for Hermitage area so I could begin to narrow down my choices.

No one lives with me, so I only looked at one bedroom apartments. I knew that I would be able to save money if I did get a roommate, but I went that route once and vowed to never do it again. I like my privacy way too much, and I did not mind paying a little extra so I could have that. I was surprised at how many different places in the area have apartments available, and I looked at each website carefully. As soon as I looked at the website for Avalon for Hermitage, I knew that it was the one that I was going to apply for an apartment at.

Not only was the price right, but it had so many other things going for it too. The rooms are slightly bigger, plus the entire building is a lot more modern. The place I am now has a swimming pool, but it is not a nice one. The one at Avalon for Hermitage looks very inviting just from the pictures, and I knew that I would be using it a lot. I also like the fact that I can pay my rent online, which is a feature I don’t currently have. I never thought I would be this excited about moving, but I am!

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