An Apartment to Get Me Back on My Feet

I was hoping to find a good place to live in Daytona Beach that was also affordable. I had been living with my sister since moving here a couple of years ago, and I just knew that it was time to find my own place. I did not have a lot of money though, so I knew I had to be careful at which places I looked at. I do make a decent living, but I also have a lot of bills. I did a search for affordable Daytona Beach apartments for rent, and that is how I found the apartment that I now call home.

The odd thing is that it is only about five miles from where my sister lives, but I had no idea that it was here because I was never in this area of town before. That alone showed me what a sheltered life I had been living since moving to Florida. The apartment I have is perfect for my needs. It is a one bedroom unit with one bathroom, and the kitchen and living room are the right fit for my furniture. It only takes me a few more minutes to get to work, but that doesn’t even bother me.

It is nice having my own place again, especially since I know that I will be able to afford the rent every month without having to rely on a family loan. Having this level of independence again really does something for a person, and I am just glad that I have found it in a nice apartment. I admit that I was worried that I would have to live in an area of town that is not so good because of my income, but this apartment is perfect in both size as well as the good neighborhood that it is in.

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