Children Friendly Apartments in St Petersburg

I am ready to make a move out of my parents home. It took some time, but I have saved up enough money to start looking at apartments in St Petersburg. My son and I have been living with my parents for the last two years while I got back on my feet financially. I need my own space and more alone time with my son. I’ve already done a lot of research for kid friendly apartments in safe neighborhoods that are close to the elementary school my son attends. You would not believe how many are out there to choose from.

My son has composed a list of things that he would like our new apartment to have. Number one on his list is a swimming pool. This child loves to swim at all hours of the day. I call him my little fish. The second thing on his list is a playground. It seems when he is not swimming he is either swinging on monkey bars or seeing how far he can run up the sliding board. He is my pride and joy and I want to find a place where he is going to be happy. A place where we are both happy. Another item on his list is a balcony. He wants to have adventures on the balcony. Who am I to say no to him? His wants are minute in one way yet huge in another. I will do whatever it takes to find him a happy, yet safe, place to call his new home.

It only took a few days to find our next residence. It is a wonderful apartment in a complex that is very kid friendly. They even allow pets for a small deposit. I think I will surprise my son with a new puppy on his birthday which is next week. I’m looking forward to this next episode in our lives.

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