Getting the Right Apartment for Us

I had a decision to make, and it was not one that I took lightly at all. After all, the choice that I would make impacted not only my life but my seven year old daughter’s life as well. She is young and resilient, and she is always ready for an adventure, so I was not worried about the short term implications. It was the long term ones that had me concerned when I started looking at Florissant apartments. I knew that we had to move so I could get a better job, and I had three offers in this area.

I had to make sure that we had a nice place to live first though, and that would determine which of the jobs that I would take. I was not worried about a luxury apartment that had a ton of amenities, but I did want a nice apartment in a safe neighborhood, which was also in a great school district. That is what I meant about long term implications for my daughter. Being in the right school district can make all the difference in a child’s future, so I also had to look at the district that each apartment is in too.

When I looked at everything associated with Crossing at North Pointe, I knew that I had found where we were meant to be. The complex is in a very good part of town, the school district is in the top percentile for the state, and the apartment that we looked at is really nice too. It is a two bedroom unit that has two bathrooms, plus it is a lot bigger than the apartment that we had lived in prior to moving here. I was afraid of this fresh start, but it is actually exciting now that everything seems to be working out so well for the two of us.

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