Moving to Topeka So My Wife Can Have Her Dream Job

My wife got an opportunity to work at a job she always wanted in Kansas. The first thing I started thinking about was all of those tornado movies I saw growing up. Hey, even Dorothy got blown to Oz from a farm in Kansas. However, this was my wife’s dream, and I was going to support her 100 percent. I write, so I can work from a hotel in in a foreign country as easy as I can from an apartment in Topeka. I looked online as soon as I got the news for an apartment finder for Topeka KS.

We were looking for a nice place that was within our budget. My wife gave the job of finding a place to me. She knew that I would do everything to find the perfect place. I’m the guy who will check satellite imagery, call the local authorities to ask them the real facts about the neighborhood and even call a few nearby businesses to get the scoop on what the people are like. I used to be an investigator before I started writing for a living, and that makes it easy to get people to open up and share the facts.

I found a nice place for us in Topeka. I like how the town name rolls off the tongue. I live in Topeka. It sounds cool. We have been doing well at Oakbrook Terrace. We like the large floor plan of our place, and we have a real wood-burning fireplace in our apartment! That is one of the neatest things I have ever heard for an apartment. There is a laundry facility on-site, but we have a stackable washer and dryer in our apartment that we use for most things. We just do the bed linens at the laundry.

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